How is TikTok better than other social media competitors?

If you’re not from Gen Z, you might still be unfamiliar with the social media platform TikTok and wondering how it differs from other well known sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You may even be questioning what the value TikTok can bring to your life and/or business if you’re already actively posting on social media sites elsewhere. However, the truth is the popularity of TikTok is soaring, especially with the younger generations. Indeed, TikTok was the most downloaded app across the world in 2021, with over 656 million downloads

With its quirky and creative set up designed to get users to post videos on any subject they desire, the platform is unlike any other – although the original concept of posting short snappy videos is quite similar to how the now non-existent social network, Vine, operated. Originally launched by Byte Dance in 2016, the social media platform is now host to a range of content creators making videos on almost any topic including cooking, first aid, and dancing, to name but a few. 

So why is it so popular? 

The app first drew the attention of the world due to the viral challenges its users were engaging in. Very often these challenges are copied by thousands of others to start a global trend. While sometimes these challenges can be silly, or even dangerous, most of the time they’re harmless and a great way to have fun online. Each trend inspires more content and more users on the platform, helping the app to grow – anyone can copy a video they find funny and it can still perform well.

What’s more, when a user posts a video they have the option of adding a short section of music to accompany their content. TikTok was the first platform to provide its users with an extensive music library of songs to choose from, as well as audio clips from popular videos on YouTube. 

What makes it better than other social media platforms? 

There are three key reasons why some people prefer TikTok to other social media platforms.

  1. It’s easy to set up

Unlike other social media sites, getting started on TikTok is very easy and straightforward. When you first open the app there is no sign up required you’re instead automatically taken straight into the app’s content. This hooks you immediately and allows you to get a feel for the content on the platform before you make the decision to create an account and hand over your data. 

  1. Anyone can create great content

Just as Instagram made it easier for people to share great photos by giving them new editing tools, like filters, TikTok makes it easy for anyone to create interesting short videos that they might otherwise struggle to make. By providing users with tools such as control over video speed, the option to automatically sync their video clips with music that’s in time, and templates to add their video clips to, everyone can create something fun with relative ease.

  1. Anyone can go viral

One of the downsides about using a platform like YouTube or Instagram is that users really have to work hard to create original content that will help them grow a massive fan base of subscribers or followers. This is because their algorithms work by finding connections between people and suggesting users interact with their content too. 

TikTok’s algorithm, on the other hand, is one that really rewards content, promoting any video posts that are accumulating likes quickly to more users based on their interests. 

Popular trends of the moment are also promoted by the algorithm to more users, meaning even if the video content itself is not ‘original’ users can still receive good engagement. 

Which social media site is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below. And, if you have any questions or other technology queries, please tweet us at @techtroublesho1.

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